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Oslo, Norway Online City Guide

Although there are many universal guides for a visit to Oslo, as someone who knows the city, amazing about everything available on the web to add it. Not all tourists want to visit the places visited by tourists, though I and many of the most common sights you see and imagine, I'll take you

through one day or three, should be cheap and provide you the knowledge and experience guide visit more sites, it can not. I'll give you an idea how to get to a combination of places. The people are gracious, helpful and speak English.

After arriving in Oslo, the main street Karl Johan faces. This street is the Royal Palace, Parliament, the home institution building, and the National Theatre and shops. Near the main church in Oslo, even if the church is not so impressive.

See Karl Johan is one thing, but not the way to expend all my time there. Instead you have to see Aker Brygge (port), Akershus Fortress and Opera. All this is at no cost, and you can go to a restaurant or bar, which sits on the harbor, but be careful, it is expensive.

Opera in Oslo to be seen, but not specified. You may have good shoes, but because you can climb the roof of the opera, and I recommend you do. You can do what I do late at night to see sunset, or take a book and read sitting on the roof when you're alone. It ensures that you feel comfortable and beautiful views over the city from above.

In the Oslo fjord, there are several little islands. They are fine-looking with no cars there and you can get a ship to the islands Vippetange. All you need is a normal ticket, so it's not luxurious at all. Bring food, beer, or whatever one of these islands, and is approximately certainly a good time. I like some of these islands, Hovedøya, where a small cafe and Gressholmen. Hovedøya historical interest, with several historical buildings and tourist destination. As Hovedøya, there are restaurants. It is also famous that there is a exposed beach on the island. Make sure when you arrive at oslo you should look for best Oslo hotels which makes your trip peaceful and comfortable.